How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 7 Attorney

Are you wondering how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy unfolds? It痴 one of the simplest legal procedures, provided you have all the paper work in order. Working with a competent bankruptcy law firm in Indiana will save you from much hassle and frustration and ensure your assets are protected.

Walton Legal Services takes you through the whole Chapter 7 bankruptcy process smoothly. We have provided friendly and professional legal services to thousands of clients over the last 26 years, helping them take a fresh start and dump their old burden. Call our office for a free initial consultation with one of the oldest Indiana bankruptcy firms. We will ensure you understand all the details of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The Step by Step Process of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

1. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy process starts the moment you walk into our office for your free initial consultation. During our meeting, our experienced attorneys will take a close look at your documents and will let you know if you are eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are earning too much income and cannot qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we値l advise you of your rights under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this session, we値l also inform you about our transparent and modest legal fees, so you are clear about our fees.

2. The next step is the bankruptcy means test, which you have to clear in order to qualify under Chapter 7. While an overwhelming majority of our clients filing for bankruptcy clear this test easily, we値l give you additional options and guidance just in case you fail the test.

3. Once you are clear to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, we値l help you complete all necessary paper work. As your bankruptcy attorney, we will make sure to complete all necessary documents before filing your case.

4. We値l appear at the court with you at the initial hearing. Before the hearing, we値l brief you on what to expect and the types of questions which will be asked.

5. You値l be required by law to take a credit counseling class. We値l help you get enrolled and fulfill this requirement. It is easy and can be done either online or over the phone.

6. Indiana bankruptcy law offers many exemptions. We値l make sure that you retain your assets that are below the specified limits.

7. There will be a second counseling session that is required at the end of the process. We will help you get enrolled and fulfill this request..

Walton Legal Services in Indiana is your trusted bankruptcy law firm for the 26 years. Why waste time as debts continue to mount? Give us a call and set up an appointment for your FREE initial consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys. We値l give you sound legal advice and quote you the most reasonable and transparent legal fees, so that you know exactly how much you値l be paying.

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