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Are you considering bankruptcy in Indiana? The reasons for your debt problems can be many, ranging from unexpected medical bills to high credit card expense. From home foreclosure to divorce. The common symptom of all bankruptcy situations is that your monthly debts are exceed your monthly income. When that happens, you should be exploring all your financial options.

Filing for bankruptcy requires competent legal assistance. With over three decades of experience in providing bankruptcy assistance in Indiana, Walton Legal Services can help you get out of the debt trap in a professional and friendly manner.

Comprehensive Debt-Relief Services

We have helped over 30,000 people in Indiana file for bankruptcy, and concentrate our practice in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We provide all types of legal debt relief services.

You can have our sincere legal advice when you call us, and remember the initial consultation is absolutely FREE. We let you know our clear and economical fee structure before you sign up, so there is no confusion or hidden costs later.

Efficient and Customized Legal Services

Our rich experience in bankruptcy assistance allows us to keep a keen eye on the details of every case, so that your bankruptcy is fast and hassle free. Your convenience and comfort is at the center of our legal services, as we want to give you maximum relief from stressful circumstances.

Every bankruptcy is different, and as professionals, we understand the importance of providing personalized services to each and every client. Call us now to get your free bankruptcy consultation and advice.

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Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation. All consultations are held confidential and with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.


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