When bankruptcy comes up, the thing that people fear the most is losing everything they have worked for and being left with nothing. And while popular depictions of bankruptcy may show just that, the truth is very different. Many people have already discovered that bankruptcy can be a significant help when it comes to holding on to their possessions. Whether it is your car, your home, your land, or any other asset, bankruptcy can help you hold on to them.

Asset Protection

Asset protection can be achieved in a number of different ways, and a qualified Indianapolis and Columbus asset protection lawyer can be instrumental in helping you find those ways. Here, at Walton Legal Services, we tailor a custom made plan for each one of our clients that are designed to help them get back on a stable financial footing, without having to lose the things that are important to them.

Customizing a financial plan for you

It can take meticulous planning to protect your assets through bankruptcy, which is why we make sure to review each one of our client’s financial situations and their goals. After this, we will make an informed decision as to whether a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is better for your situation. We will explain to you what your rights are when it comes to keeping your possessions. We will also make sure that all your rights are presented to you in easy to understand terms.

Once bankruptcy is filed, the law requires that all collection activity must stop immediately. Whether it is for your car or home, an automatic stay ensures that your assets will not be taken.

Ensure your financial stability with an attorney

So if you are looking for a debt-relief lawyer in Indianapolis or Columbus to help you keep your assets and protect you after filing, call us up today. You can reach us at either our Columbus office, or our Indianapolis office, or contact us online. We will give you all the information regarding your situation.