The relentless collection tactics of creditors can frustrate even the most patient person. Creditors usually adopt all kinds of ploys to recover their debt. If the person who owes the debt delays in filing for bankruptcy, there’s always the possibility the creditors can obtain wage garnishment or bank account garnishment orders, which is likely to make things even harder when there wasn’t enough money to go around before the garnishment.

Garnishment Defense

You should react in time if you think you run the risk of wage garnishment. Walton Legal Services has helped thousands of clients protect their wages and bank accounts from garnishment. If you are concerned about garnishment, you should not delay in calling our office and scheduling an appointment with one of our most experienced bankruptcy and asset protection attorneys. Your initial consultation is free. You need to learn your legal rights under the bankruptcy code.

Contact Walton Legal Services for Protecting Your Bank Account

You can preclude the possibility of garnishment if you work with our competent bankruptcy attorneys. Everyone on our team is by your side and leaves no stone unturned in stopping all garnishments.

Under Indiana Law creditors can also:

  • Freeze Bank Accounts: If you fail in repaying your debt and don’t file for bankruptcy, creditors can resort to legal action and can freeze your bank accounts, which means that you wouldn’t be able to draw money from your bank account.
  • Bank Deductions: The law allows banks to take the money from your account and pay your creditors. If your creditors take legal action before you do, you might find your troubles even worse.

Walton Legal Services experienced garnishment defense attorneys can give you the protection against garnishment and restore your peace of mind. Call our office for your free initial consultation and get a handle on your financial problems.

The Automatic Stay

We’ll guide you on how you can prevent garnishments by filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you file for either of these, the automatic stay is initiated. The automatic stay stops creditors from garnishing your wages.