Will A Lawsuit Be Halted When Filing For Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, and you are already involved in a lawsuit, bankruptcy will instantly halt almost all cases.

Lawsuit Attorneys

The attorneys at Walton Legal Services can assist you in understanding the effect a bankruptcy proceeding will have on your pending lawsuit. We provide you with efficient legal services and advice for both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. At Walton Legal Services, we have more than 42 years of experience, and half filed over 40,000 bankruptcies.

We act on behalf of:

  • Defendants in pending lawsuits: Due to the automatic stay in bankruptcy, creditors suing you for outstanding debt stop immediately. Almost all collection actions (including lawsuits) also stop during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Plaintiffs in personal injury suits: You must remember when filing bankruptcy, you are required to disclose all assets, including possible lawsuits where you may have a claim. In most cases, should you already have been awarded a personal injury claim, you may be required to turn over this award to the bankruptcy trustee.
  • Parties in divorce proceedings: Because divorce is a legal proceeding, it will have an extreme outcome on your bankruptcy proceedings. We can effectively assist you in obtaining the best result involving bankruptcy as well as divorce.

If you are in urgent need of a bankruptcy lawyer to assist you, you can contact our offices in Columbus, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana or do not hesitate to contact us online. We offer you comprehensive advice regarding our services. You can rest assured that your first consultation is free.

Harassment by Creditors

We can act on your behalf by filing a lawsuit against your creditors, should they persist in debt collection methods after your bankruptcy. This is an absolute no-no, and we love to sue creditors who violate the law!