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Very informative and I was extremely happy with my experience with them.

Stella States

If you have the unfortunate in your life to need a banker up lawyer that's bank rup lawyer this is the place to go no complaints

Matt Hatton

Walton legal services were very helpful and friendly. They have helped me get my life back on track.

Keeta Patton

The entire staff was kind, courteous, and helpful through the entire process. I highly recommend.

Kayla Werbianskyj

This wa the smoothest process ever. There was no judgement and I felt so comfortable going through this process. I can’t thank Walton enough. Any questions I have my attorney gets right back with me or a member of the staff.

Domonique Hall

outstanding job answering questions and assisting me with all my needs I had domestic issues going on at the same time and the staff was very Helpful and comforting they helped direct me in the right direction. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.

Regina Walker

Very helpful during the process. Everyone was super nice!

Ashley Coleman

This law firm was the best ever they worked with me about paying and made me feel very comfortable and confident about the whole process! I would recommend anyone and I mean anyone to call them if your looking for a great bankruptcy attorney

Sierra Lacy

Everyone was friendly. Everything was also well explained! Thank you all for being so helpful.

Shelby McKinney

Very straightforward and to the point. Very polite, explaining the dos and the don'ts. Highly recommended

Kimaya P.

Great advise and explained all my options.

Damon Currin

It wasn’t easy but it was Easy! They put us at Ease and didn’t make us feel shamed for having to file! Highly recommended!!

Shawn Smith

Great personal attention at an affordable rate. They made the process easy to understand and not so intimidating. I highly recommend them.

Aaron Meurer

Darlene R. helped me so much! She always had the answers to any question, always returned my calls,, and was always so pleasant to talk to. I can’t say enough good things about her!!i would definitely do business with Walton’s again because of her! Thank you!

Glenda White

The staff was friendly and very helpful. Things moved really quick I felt. I liked that they stayed on me to make sure that I was doing my part and getting things done.

Latasha Bailey

The team was very accommodating and handled my complicated case with ease. I would definitely recommend them! Margaret was always so nice and answered all of my questions!

Charlene Terry

I worked extremely hard for a really long time to avoid the inevitable: I worked overtime when I was able, cut any monthly subscriptions I could, put back the $12.89 chicken for the $11.54 chicken, saving whatever I could. After my initial consultation and education class, I saw that my debt would take a lifetime literally to pay off and that was only contingent upon no other life changing events (marriage, child birth, job loss) ever happening to set me back again. Although I wish my personal circumstances could have been different, The Walton Legal team always answered my questions in a timely fashion and let me know what to expect. If you’ve gotten yourself In a situation you are struggling to get out of, set up a consultation. They’re honest, straight to the point, and a bargain if you shop around (you know I did.) Thank you for all you’ve done!

Amber Steele

Great people. Everyone was very helpful and everything was done in a timely manner.

Tiffany Northington


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